C-Max U1 - More mobility and quality of life...

More mobility and quality of life c-max, the push wheelchair with stair climbing function allows you to overcome virtually all obstacles at home and on the road. The care attendant needs little physical power to handle the c-max.

C-Max U1 C-Max U1

C-Max U1

The device can be operated effortlessly and safely. Physically disabled persons are transported safely and comfortably up and downstairs. You manage everyday situations without involving the assistance of a third person.

On stairs as well as on level ground c-max proves its versatility. Removable arm rests make easy shifting from one chair to another possible. Due to its compact dimensions and foldable foot rest, the c-max is easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow stair cases or winding stairs. For small, packed apartments with narrow doorways, the c-max represents the ideal solution. See also the c-max U2

  • Adaptable: Individually adjustable hand grips provide the optimum position for driving. With little physical effort you are going to manage even narrow stairs. Due to the puncture proof tyres c-max is also a comfortable push wheelchair on rough or sloping surfaces.
  • Versatile: With the c-max you easily manage everyday situations. Being a push wheelchair with stair climbing function makes the c-max the ideal device for e.g. health and driving services, the use in public places and buildings, and in nursing homes as well as in private residences.
  • Consistent and reliable: Safety brakes stop automatically at each edge of stairs.
  • Careful: Operating the c-max on all types of stair or floor coverings does not cause any damage whatsoever.

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C-Max Stairclimber

C-Max Compact Assembly

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Product Downloads

C-max.pdf 3.11MB

Mobility Pocket Guide.pdf 4.66MB

Technical data - type C 121 / U1
max lifting capacity [kg]: 120
batteries: 2 - 12V 5Ah
dc-motor: 24V
climbing speed: 8 - 23 steps/min
capacity with one charge of the batteries: 15 - 30 levels
step's height: maximum 21cm
weight: 31.7kg
height: 1090mm
width: 485mm
depth 915mm
Options available: 12V/24V charging cable for the car, hip belt, seat belt system

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